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Qualifications to get a health insurance

Insurance is a must and also if you take health insurance it cannot be avoided by anyone,  the foods are adulterated and all the things in this world have slowly become polluted , we are all living in a polluted environment it is essential to take up a Health Insurance here are some of the tips when you can really go for applying Health Insurance.

Invest on a Long run health insurance plans , and invest your money on insurance from the age of 20.  The Premium charges will be low once you continue the possible the amount of coverage will be more when you reach the age age of  50.

Basic qualifications  to get a  health insurance

  1. Your age is a very important factor consider when it comes to Health insurance, smaller age means less premium and if you are above 40 then the premium coverage will be more. Most health Insurance companies do not accept applications for people above 60 years.
  2. What type of job you are working, if the job itself can give you health problems then health insurance companies will not think about giving you health insurance.
  3. Before applying for a health insurance policy make a thorough checkup of your body, insurance companies do a health check up if they find any problems in your medical history you will not get Health Insurance.
  4. You should not have any habits, anyway they test you and then only they will give you health insurance, if you have smoking habits or drinking habits you are less likely to get an health insurance policy.
  5. Most of the Health insurance policy does not give a money back option, you spend the money for your security,  but you can extend your policy to your family members then the cost of the premium will also increase accordingly.

These are the Basic qualifications to get a health Insurance.