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Employers duty to get health insurance for employees

Insurance is a vital thing for all, especially if you are a business owner you  need insurance to feel safe on all circumstances, as a business owner your pillar of strength is your employees it is a must to take care of those employees who work for you, even though they get back money as salary you need to take care of employees.

If  employees work hard, your company can grow leaps and bounds within a shorter period of time, most of the employers do not think in that way they squeeze work from their employees and also scold them, No one stays with you if you treat employees like that, employees are business internal customer, you need to take care of them and treat them well. its the duty of employer to show the care by taking each of them with a health insurance, that will make them think that our employer is caring us and we need to pay back the employer through our hard work. There are many diseases for example like swine flu, bird flu which can attack  employees anytime. Health insurance enables employees to feel secure  atleast in the financial point of view that if any medical problems occur it will be taken care by the health insurance company.

it is the duty of each and every employer to take Health insurance for their employees. Then there will be no hurdle for the company improvement and also the employees feel satisfied with the work.