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Tips to Avoid Auto Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is the latest decent type of fraud happening in the country, Especially it is happenning more on auto insurance industry, they meticulously cheat the auto insurance company to extract money and earn a living . You as a driver need to be careful and you need to avoid those people who are voluntarily make you as a victim of the accident by which making you pay the money. These tips  if you follow will possibly avoid you getting into this type of scenario.

Tips to avoid  auto Insurance fraud

  • Do not drink alcohol while driving
  • Switch off the mobile phones and set a message when a call comes while you are driving
  • Always open the side mirror of  to know what is happenning behind the car and also see it once in a minute to know whether you are riding properly.
  • Take an auto insurance in a reputed company which covers all the damages.
  • Only Concentrate on your driving , no diversions are entertained , if a car overtakes you and runs infront of you tried to avoid it or go in a different lane, these type of people plan well , a car in the front and in the back you will see another car  suddenly the car which is in the front will stop when they see you are diverted with something while driving this will cause accident, your car may be hurt and also the fraudsters car eventually you have to pay all the money for your damages as well as for the other car damages.

Beware of  “Swoop and squat ” and ” panic stop”these are the two fraud schemes the  fraudsters will adopt so be careful always follow the tips which i have told in this article and avoid being affected by this auto insurance fraud.